Investigative Journalism Session: Call to Journalists

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accessinfologoAs part of the two-day International Conference on the Right of Access to Information, there will be a special session aimed at journalists on  'Investigative Journalism, Data Journalism, Conflict, and the Search for the Truth'. The session will take place on Tuesday 22 November from 12:00-13:50 at the Home for Cooperation opposite Ledra Palace in Nicosia. The panel, put together with support from the Collaborative Media Initiative of the CCMC, will include keynote speeches from Sevgül Uludağ, investigative journalist in Politis and Yenidüzen and Andreas Paraschos, chief editor of Kathimerini. The right of access to information has been recognised as part of the fundamental right of freedom of expression. It is an essential tool for journalists, who should be free to access information without fear of reprisals from either government censors or private actors. The role of journalists in a democratic society, the need for journalists to have access to information from public bodies, safety of journalists and respect media freedom will be explored.

Keynotes: Journalists and the Right to Truth:

»     Sevgül Uludağ, Investigative Journalist in Politis and Yenidüzen

»     Andreas Paraschos, Chief Editor of Kathimerini

Discussants: Journalists and access to information

»     Mar Cabra

»     Michael Simopoulos

»     Simon Bahçeli

The afternoon sessions will include a practical workshop on access to information laws and the practical techniques for obtaining and using information, led by international experts. For the full schedule click here. 


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